TIG Welding Lathe System

Semi-Automated TIG Welding System

(pre-shipment system run off & training at PWS)

1. DT-100 weld control
2. 300 amp CC/CV TIG power supply
3. Closed loop water recirculator
4. High frequency arc starter
5. SCS-102 Speed Control
6. TIG torch 250 amps water cooled
7. AVC and torch retracted control

8. PWL 12-16 Weld Lathe with air collet closer & expanding mandrel
9. Copper tooling for locating welding part & chill clamping
10. Table with stainless steel top & protective safety enclosure around table
11. PLC (program logic control) for automatic weld cycle & sequencing
12. Operator pendant with dual palm buttons for operator safety

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