Value Added Services

To maintain it’s growth pattern PWS has developed a variety of products and many of the products we offer are of a “value added” nature. PWS is able to assist customers in improving their production processes through equipment to enhance or improve welding quality.

These activities serve to broaden the product and services offering and make the company less dependent on outside sources for development. The acceptance of new equipment has been researched and appears to be welcomed consideration to the current customer base. Continual product development will ensure balanced growth and recognition as a source of expertise in welding equipment and processes.

 Design services for precision welding systems (manual load/unload or semi-automatic)
 Integration of welding system accessories & site installation assistance
 Experienced staff for custom design & manufacture of tooling, fixtures & specialty torch nozzles
 Free weld application review & process recommendation

 Troubleshooting, maintenance & repair of equipment
 Weld training – skills development
 Weld development – material evaluation, joint design, weld parameter development
 Comprehensive consumable inventory stock of replacement parts for plasma power supplies, accessories & plasma welding torches

 Special gas shields – TIG & plasma
 Torch slides – X, Y, Z
 Special plasma nozzles – custom sizes
 Contract welding
 Tungsten electrode grinders

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