Weld-PRO Programmer

The Process Welding “WELD PRO” weld controller makes quick and easy work of changing from job to job with multiple devices.

Control welding power supply, lathe or other motion device, AVC, wire feeder and aux gas from one location with either Modbus or 0 - 10V / analog signals!

• Jog Torch

• Jog Wire

• Password Entry to Engineers Screen

• Password Lockout for Operators

• Set up to 4 Different Welding Current Levels

• Save Job - up to 100 Jobs

• Copy Job

• Export Job to USB

• Import Job from USB

• Enter diameter of part and desired travel speed to calculate correct lathe RPM

• Change Lathe Speed, Welding Current, Arc Voltage and Wire Speed, on the y, plus or minus 5% of programmed values

• “Dry Run” feature to test weld cycle without welding

Weld-PRO program storage capability allows exact recall of welding parameters
 Advance to downslope key useful for repair welding
 Optional Start/Stop push button pendant
 Remote selection of welding schedules by computer lessens need for human interface and increases flexibility for automation
 Optional key lockout isolates weld schedule from unwanted modifications
 Programmable offset for flexibility in power supply calibration
 User configurable outputs for ON/OFF sequencing of peripheral devices
 Convenient editing keys for rapid program development

• Pre-gas
• Initial Current
• Upslope
• Welding Current
• Pulsation Parameters • Down Slope
• Final Current
• Post-Gas
• Wire Start Delay • Wire Speed
• Burnback Time • Arc Gap Setting
• Arc Voltage
• AVC Start Delay
• Lathe Speed
• Lathe Start Delay

Weld-Pro Control for Plasma & TIG Welding

The Future of Welding and Manufacturing Efficiency Lies in Automation and a Shift Towards Greater Process Control