Weld Lathe System with Plasma & CNC Control

Weld Lathe With CNC Torch Drive, Plasma Welding Equipment & Microscope

1. DT-100 weld control
2. Ultima 150 plasma power supply
3. MP 5-21 plasma machine torch
4. SCS-102 Speed Control

5. Lathe includes a special ball screw & nut for the torch drive
6. CNC control to program indexing of the torch stand to next weld position
7. Rotary coupling for gas back-up through the lathe spindle
8. Manual actuated air 5C collet closer
9. Stereo microscope with weld lens to protect operator’s eyes during viewing
10. Custom table with locking wheels

Improved Weld Quality: mechanized welding improves repeatability.
Control: the arc welding system offers the ability to better control the manufacturing process.
Decreased Scrap: automating the manufacturing process decreases error potential.
Consistency: an automatically produced machine-weld offers more consistency than less controlled methods.

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