Semi-Automated Plasma Guide Wire & Tube Welding System

An operator can load a guide wire, angioplasty wire, vascular closure wire, biopsy tubes, aspiration tubes or any types of small wires or tubes to be plasma welded on the end of the part. The plasma welding system sequence is controlled by a PLC and a DT-100 programmable weld controller that controls the weld parameters such as time, pulsing, slopes, preflow and postflow gases, etc.

Wire or tube stick out from the tooling can be set with a micrometer adjustment. X/Y/Z torch slides adjust the position of the plasma welding torch for proper welding alignment. Part clamping, movement to weld position and retract to unload the part are pneumatically controlled. Dual palm buttons for weld start sequence make the system safe for the operator.

Tooling can be provided for different sizes of wire and tubes. Weld training can be provided with a system.

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