PWL-12-16 Standard Welding Lathe

Specifically Engineered for Welding – Not a Modified or Adapted Machine Lathe

Specially designed for welding a wide range of circumferential parts or components for use in both plasma and TIG welding applications. This lathe can be used in a standard production environment as well as laboratory settings, which require a versatile welding tool.

 Alignment adjustments on head & tail stock
 Use in horizontal or vertical welding positions
 Pneumatic tail stock & torch retract
 SCS-102 Solid State Speed Control with Closed Loop Speed Regulation (Custom speeds available on request)
 Torch positioners for versatile torch movement
 Three-jaw 6" scroll chuck allows concentricity adjustment–Chuck includes two-piece hardened reversible jaws (special jaws on request)
 Handles lock torch carriage & tail stock in place


 Weight: 230 lbs.
 Weld Current Capacity: 300 amps
 Distance Between Centers: 16.0"
 Maximum Diameter Part: 12.0"
 Tail Stock Stroke: 3.0"
 Torch Stroke Weld / Retract: 4.0"
 Lathe Bed: 1.5" diameter hardened rods
 Pneumatics: Equipped with speed controls
 Tooling: 3 jaw 6.0" Set-Tru chuck & live center (special live center points optional)

PWL-12-16 Standard Welding Lathe Head Stock:

Our chuck is a 6" three-jaw with reversible hardened jaws. Unique micro-adjustment screws enable concentricity to be centered dead true for accurate rotation of parts for welding. The plate behind the threaded lathe spindle has built-in adjustment screws for head stock alignment. The spindle hole is 1.5" and the spindle threads are 2.250"-8.

Special Custom Tooling can be Adapted to the Lathe Spindle Such as:
 Face plates
 5C collet chucks
 Air collet closer for 5C collets
 Expanding 5C collets
 5C step chucks

PWL-12-16 Custom Welding Lathe:

Process Welding Systems' experienced staff can conceptualize, design and manufacture a custom lathe, positioner or complete system to meet your specified welding needs. Our in-house lab will provide you with weld samples, feasibility studies as well as welding assistance.

PWS Can Quote Special Lathes With Features Such as:
 Dual head stocks
 Extended lathe bed lengths
 Special tooling for the tail stock
 Gas back-up
 Air collet closers
 Special rotation speeds

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