DT-400 Weld Programmer


The PWS DT-400 is a four-channel weld process controller that replaces the PWS DT-100, and shares many of its attributes with many improvements. The DT-400 has four fully isolated 0 – 10V analog outputs, ideal to control: Arc Weld Current Rotation or Linear Travel Speed Wire Feed Speed Arc Voltage AVC, ALC Each of these four channels are isolated from the control system and each other by means of a precision, wide bandwidth 3-port isolation amplifier. This ensures a channel’s pulsed output waveform to be crisp and accurate from 1Hz to 1kHz. A high degree of signal filtration exists on every I/O line and power input wiring as well. This filtration system keeps noise on the outside of the DT-400 main enclosure. Connection boxes attached to the outside of the DT400 main enclosure allow custom signal/wiring integration for different styles of weld power supplies, motor drivers, wire feeders, and AVCs. One connector is available to connect various DT-400 input functions to a remote pendant or for automation connections to a PLC or other controller system. All discrete I/O signals are optically isolated for use with nominal 24V DC controls.

DT-400 Arc Welding Control for Plasma & TIG Welding

The Future of Welding and Manufacturing Efficiency Lies in Automation and a Shift Towards Greater Process Control