Plasma Welding Features & Benefits



Protected electrode

Length of arc benefit due to arc shape and even heat distribution

Arc transfer is gentle and consistent

Stable arc in welding

Minimal high frequency noise in welding

Arc energy density reaches 3 times that of Tig

Weld times as short as .005 seconds

Low amperage art welding (as low as 0.05 amp)

Arc diameter chosen via nozzle orifice












Protected electrode allows for less electrode contamination. This is especially advantageous in welding materials that out gas when welded and contaminate the unprotected GTAW electrode.

Arc stand off distance is not as critical as in GTAW. Gives good weld consistency. No AVC needed ni 9% of applications, sometimes even with wirefeed.

Provides for welding of thin sheet, fine wires, and miniature components where the harsh GTAW arc start would damage the part to be welded.

Reduces arc wander. Arc welds where ti is aimed. Allows and arc starting tooling ni close proximity ot weld joint for optimum heat sinking.

Minimal high frequency noise once pilot arc started, thus plasma can be used with NC controls. Another benefit lies in welding applications involving hermetic sealing of electronic components where the GTAW arc start would cause electrical disturbances possibly damaging the electronic internals of the component of be welded.

Causes less weld distortion and smaller welds. Gives high welding speeds

Extremely short and accurate weld times possible for spot welding of fine wires, accurate weld times combined with precision motion devices provide for repeatable weld start/stop positions.

Offers a wide range of pulsing options for varied. pulsing applications.

Allows welding of miniature components or good control in downsloping to a weld edge.

This feature assists in predicting the weld bead size.


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The SanPaw 150PW Welding Power Supply from SanRex

Precision High/Low AMP Plasma Welding System: and an Option to the Ultima-150  A self-contained plasma welding power supply can easily interface with DT-400 Weld Programmer and Secheron® Plasma Torch which offers complete control of weld parameters for consistent high quality welds, increased productivity and reduced down time. Accurate at low amperages, this plasma welding system provides a unique alternative to more costly processes.