PWL-12-16 Lathe With Optional TIG Welding Equipment

1. DT-100 Weld Control: will store up to 100 weld programs, chain programs interface with a computer and has three analog programmable outputs

2. TIG Power Supply: is rated at 120 amps, 100% duty cycle

3. SCS-102 Speed Control: can be interfaced with our DT-100 Weld Control to program specific lathe speeds
 Accuracy: 1.0% of full scale
 Jog with forward & reverse buttons
 Solid state (no electromechanical relays)
 Hardened for use with high-frequency arc starters
 Front panel controls: remote/local/forward/reverse
 Use with DC tachometer gear motor, maximum 24 VDC, 3A closed loop freedback
 LED lighted push buttons
 Power: 120 VAC, -15% to +10%, 50-60 Hz
 Maximum power consumption 150 VA

4. DC Arc Starter: provides a noise-free start, allowing system compatibility with computerized equipment

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