PWL-200 Positioner

Our RWP-200 heavy duty positioner and SCS-102 speed control are designed to work in unison, providing precise rotational control for circumferential parts welding for both TIG, plasma applications. The RWP-200 is a lathe head stock developed for welding parts which do not require a tail stock for clamping pressure.

 SCS-102 Solid State Speed Control
 Collet closer adaptable
 Comes with 6 inch 3 jaw chuck; other chuck sizes will fit as well
 Standard 0.5 to 25.0 RPM rotation speed
 Carbon ground brush allows welding up to 300 amps
 Mounting table plates for vertical or horizontal weld positions
 1″ 5C collet
 1.5″ diameter thru-hole for longer parts or optional gas backup devices
 Capable of rotating parts 26 inches in diameter
 Hinged pivot plate for bolting down to table
 Dimensions: 16.625″ height, 9.75″ wide

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