Precision Tungsten Electrode Grinder

Features Not Available Elsewhere:
  • Fully enclosed grinding area with electrodes cut-off option also enclosed
  • Excellent electrode grind concentricity
  • Accurate tip diameter control via unique twi-stop electrode wand
  • Rapid setup and grinding
  • Vacuum options available with 1-micron or 0.3-micron HEPA filter


Safe – Precise – Easy
5 Year Warranty

Feature Details

  • Smart design streamlines electrodes preparation
  • Enclosed work area captures dust and protects operator
  • Easy operation with electrode wand. No tools required
  • No loose electrode guides that produce bad concentricity
  • Optional Vacuum system with work cabinet
  • Longitudinal diamond grinding — 10˚ to 60˚
  • Tip flat diameter measurement scale.
  • Works with .040˚ – 3/16˚ (1.0nn-4.8mm) diameters
  • Repeatedly prepares the same tungsten geometry.
  • Rugged unit is ideal for continuous production.



Most Precise

A universal electrode wand holds the electrode securely and at the closest possible proximity to the grinding contact point. This produces concentric grinding not available on other grinders that use electrode guides/bushings with loose fit-up and get even looser after use. The Sharp Shooter as no problems with odd sized electrode diameters. Every electrode size is gripped tightly to ensure precision grinding.



The grinding and cutting areas are enclosed and provide a Plexiglas window for viewing. This keeps potentially harmful dust away from the lungs, sparks away from the eyes and fingers free from injury. Safety officers are especially pleased with the design of this equipment.


Easiest to Use

Designed so that anyone can easily grind, flat and cut tungsten electrodes with repeatable accuracy. There are no complicated adjustments, special tools requirements, or difficult time consuming setups. The wand allows for one-touch grinding, flatting and cutting.


Rugged Tool

This is not a bench grinder with tooling attached as an after thought. It is a purpose built, dedicated machine tool for accurately preparing tungsten electrodes.


Optional Vacuum System

Steel work cabinet with quiet, integrated 1 micron vacuum filtration system (HEPA 0.3 micron filter also available). One switch turns on/off the grinder and vacuum. After switching the system off, there are three seconds of additional power provides to the vacuum to clean the system.

Technical Specifications (for stand-alone unit)

Line Power:

Output Current:

Grinder Motor:





115V or 208-230V

6.8 Full Load Amps at 115V, 3.4 at 230V With Automatic Overload Protection

½ Horsepower (UL Listed/CSA listed)

40 lbs. (18.2 kg)

13”(33cm) H x 12.5”(31.75cm) W x 13”(33cm) D .040” to 3/16” (1.0mm to 4.8mm)


PLEASE CALL for more details on the Vacuum and Work Cabinet. 615-793-7020