Laser Welding for Medical, Dental MFG., Mold Repair; Low Heat Distortion

Advantages of Laser Welding:
• Ability to Join Dissimilar Materials
• Low Heat Input & Low Thermal Distortion
• Filler Metal Welding for Positive Welding
• Faster Weld Rates
• Does Not Need to be Performed In a Vacuum
• Welds Magnetic Materials

Highlights At a Glance:
• AutoFocus System
• Motor movements in X/Y/Z & R
• Auto Teach Mode
• Low Oscillation Due to High
• Quality Rail System

HTS Nd:YAG, Pulsed

Process Welding Systems has enjoyed an excellent reputation for over 15 years with its product line of welding equipment for Plasma and TIG welding. With a mission of providing our customers the best technology available PWS is now offering Laser Welding. The recent advancements in Laser technology has made laser welding a very viable manufacturing process that is a natural extension of our micro welding expertise. When high quality welds are required our weld lab can evaluate your application with laser, plasma or TIG.

Process Welding Systems, Inc. has partnered with O.R. Laser Technologies, Inc. of Elk Grove Village, IL to offer a line of N:YG lasers. In addition to purchasing a 160 watt laser for our lab, PWS offers 120, 160, and 200 watt versions of the HTS laser welder. PWS will provide full sales, service and support for units sold by PWS.

LRS Nd:YAG, Pulsed

This laser leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to working on small to medium sized molds, we offer an extensive range of accessories for all of your laser welding needs. A unique feature are the two Z-axes that come standard. The processing table has a load capacity of 550lbs.

Whether you wish to apply common metal alloys found in tool and mold construction, or aluminum, copper or titanium, the laser capacities in the LRS series are optimally designed for welding. Units range from 50 – 160 Watts.

We also have the right solutions for automated laser welding jobs. CNC control, which is available as an option, and the autofocus system keeps the lasers focal point constant for laser welding for small batches or mass production.